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ADMIN NOTE - October 26, 2017 - WARNING LABELS - What They Are And When To Use Them (A useful guide)

WARNING LABELS - What They Are And When To Use Them (A useful guide)
Labeling is intended to warn a reader that there may be a specific type of *offensive* material included. This is far from the “ultimate” guideline in warning labels, but should help keep us all on the same page.

<insensitive to ***>
Humor derived from making fun of a group or type of person, usually due to a physical reason, i.e. handicaps, mental status, height/weight, etc.

<stereotyping *** >
Bashing habits or traits *attributed* to a particular group of people - blondes, Jews, Mexicans, gays, women/men, etc.

<*** profiling>
Bashing a group of people based on their *actual* nationality, culture, religion, demographics, etc.. Prefaced with "racial", "religious", etc.

<religiously offensive>
Bashing a religious group or making any religious belief the butt of the joke. Can be prefaced with “possibly”

Sacrilegious against God or sacred items.

<adult> -
Actually describing sexual activity and/or body parts

<adultish> -
Implied sexual/adult activity and/or body parts.

Profanity - actual or implied. Can be prefaced with “mild”.

Might tend to have the reader falling asleep before completely reading.

ALL political posts. A lot of people are totally burned out on anything or anyone related to politics, funny or not!

May be prefaced with "political", "religious" or "news". People can be really ignorant and believe anything in print unless pre-warned!

<opinion column>
Most "opinion" columns are not written with humor as their intent.

a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or post.


Labeling can be a matter of personal discretion and interpretation. However, no one will ever question the use of too many warnings though - just absent, misleading, vague, or overly creative warnings.

Unfortunately, when posting a collection of several jokes - if one joke qualifies for a warning, the whole post needs to have labeling in the Subject Line. Consider sending the one requiring a warning separately.

There are times when a post justifies more than one warning being used <political/language>.

Rarely are <oldie> or <groaner alert> posts considered offensive. However, if the post requires other warnings, then use them instead.

A trick I see being used is to use the “Subject Line” to actually describe the content, as long as there's absolutely no question what the post will include. George's post, "Pre-marriage counselling by Rabbi" is a great example - obviously about "marriage activities" and religion.

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