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The Humor List Rules For Posting
1 - To provide a daily average of 5-10 substantial examples of humor.
2 - To provide a diversity of humor: sources, forms, and subjects.
3 - To provide freedom of expression for contributors while protecting the sensitivities of readers.

1 - Only substantial examples of humorous material should be posted to this list.
     a. Give priority to current humor.
     b. Classic humor from the past is welcomed.
     c. When posting from another source, cite the source when credit is due.
     d. Comments or witty retorts go to the poster, not to THE HUMOR LIST.
     e. Pease do not re-print lines from recent THE HUMOR LIST postings.
     f. Posting a significant funny list is okay - adding to a list becomes tiresome. Forward any additions to the original poster.
     g. Technical computer programming humor should be avoided except when it can be enjoyed by all - including non-technical members.
     h. Riddles should be humorous and posted with their answers.

2 - Signature files added by a commercial e-mail services are sometimes unavoidable. Simplelists includes your name and email address in the REPLY-TO line, so adding a personal signature line is unnecessary and discouraged. It is understandable that many contributors may wish to identify their position, organization and state, but this is a humor group, not a business related correspondence.
     a. Any and all forms of personal or professional advertising are strictly prohibited.

3 - The subject should be clearly identified in the subject line. When there is a potentially insensitive or offensive content (topics, themes, or words), a warning is required. Examples: <____ offensive>, <____ bashing>, <sexual or adult content>, <political>. The warning should not be offensive. Overly broad or vague warnings violate the spirit of the rule.

We DO NOT use the American Movie Codes for warnings. They are nearly meaningless for humor classification. We have hundreds of international members who wouldn't understand the codes, even if they were meaningful.

Subject: Almanac humor: Living long enough
Subject: What happened when Hosokawa told his friends he was resigning?
Subject: Self-serving excuses
Subject: Riddles for kids of all ages
Subject: Collection of 25 Little Moron jokes
Subject: Math humor: To catch a lion problem
Subject: Trading with the Japanese (political? satire)
Subject: Very short joke or two.
Subject: Lesbian Dinosaurs & Another Bobbit Joke (sexual)
Subject: AIDS update report (insensitive to the terminally ill)
Subject: Fegg!: Intro

Subject: More animal humor (PG)
     Do Not use motion picture ratings; use descriptive terms.
Subject: Joke (clean)
     No subject given, "clean" is an unnecessary warning.
Subject: Merit Badges for Man Scouts (clean)
     A positive warning was useful as the topic could imply risqué or crude humor.
Subject: HUMOR, Political
     Probably okay, but better if person, party and/or country is included.
Subject: May be offensive to Chinese....
     Warnings okay, but what is the subject?
Subject: From the Daily Collegian
     No subject or warning provided; source should be placed in the text.
Subject: Mild sexual connotation
     Warning okay, but what is the subject?
Subject: Un-Authorized reprint of a news article (duh!) - clean
     No subject given. Telling us it's "un-authorized" tells us nothing about the subject; give the source in the article and if you believe it is a copyright violation, do not post it.

5 - It is expected that most articles will be relatively short, whenever possible. Posting unnecessarily longer article uses excessive bandwidth and bores readers. Remember, THE HUMOR LIST is a mail-list, not a library! If you have a larger file which can be broken into parts, you might consider posting these parts over the course of several days.

6 - No personal attacks against members of the list. Requests, responses, comments, discussion, criticisms, and questions are not considered appropriate postings. All chatter, including witty remarks about what someone else says, should be sent by private e-mail only.

7 - Daily posts, per approved email addresses, will be limited to no more than 3 per day. However, when calculating monthly contributions, no matter how many jokes contributed from midnight to midnight, you will only be credited for contributing one day. [UPDATED: August 2018]

8 - Bandwidth costs subscribers money. Be conservative with your posts. Don't skip more than three lines between text - those blank lines add up.

9 - Links/Graphics/Attachments: Usage of links (personal, business, other humor sites, etc.), graphics, and attachments expose members to potential and unnecessary Internet risks, and they are not allowed. The Humor List members are paying for bandwidth usage and the addition of personal links, graphics, and attachments add up to costs that those subscribing members will unfairly have to pay. Only administrative staff will use links or graphics - and then for official Humor List business only.

10 - If you feel someone has violated these rules, contact one of the list administrators. The list administrators may disqualify any contributor who continues to recklessly or willfully violate THE HUMOR LIST Rules after being warned.

Admin, Archivist & Traffic Reports

Doug Harter

Admin & Member Projects Coordinato

Sandy (AKA MsSam) Sibert
Founder & Listowner  Emeritus
Bill Edwards

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