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Admin & Member Projects Coordinator
Sandy Sibert (AKA MsSam)
Admin, Archivist & Traffic Reporter
Doug Harter
Sandy Sibert - Admin & Member Projects CoordinatorMother of one, grandmother of four, great-grandmother of four, and owner of several dogs (my adopted, four-legged family). I've spent time as an LPN, website designer and manager, Vietnam Era Army Veteran, community newspaper publisher, ADP main frame operator, UAW worker, ER Medical Clerk (NavHospBrem), community park "Gopher Slaver" and finally retired ... seems like, "Been there, done that" pretty well describes my life so far!! (I just haven't decided what I want to be, although I'm enjoying retirement the most!)

I spent the early years of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I saw the area changing so radically from my youthful past, I decided it was time to head north. Having fallen in love with the trees of Washington State, there was no doubt this would be my "forever home". Although I live in a very rural community, the Cascade Mountains, raging rivers and the Puget Sound are all just a short drive away! Yes, it does rain a lot in the area - but you can't have all this green without it!!

The one thing that has remained consistent through my life, has been my love of humor and collecting jokes. The Internet provides the perfect access and outlet to a world of variety and diversity. I can now collect humorous items from so many great sources, all over the world, and share them on my own website and with email friends ... all from the comfort of my computer desk! Life is so AWESOME!!

For anyone interested, "Sam" was a nickname given to me by my best friend, back in 6th grade. When I first went on the Internet, she introduced me to her wide world of friends, via chat rooms. "Sam" was alright as a screen name but I got tired of the same question ... "Male or Female?" The "Ms" was added as an answer to that question and the name has followed me ever since.
Doug Harter - Admin, Archivist $ Traffic ReporterI was born in Harrisburg, PA, not far from where I now live. (Not that I didn't move around.) I spent most of my childhood moving because of my asthma. We shuttled back and forth between Tucson, AZ, Monrovia, CA and Harrisburg until 1951, when we moved to Dillsburg, PA for my high school years.

After high school I decided I wanted to be an Electronics Engineer so went to college at Lehigh University for a year. Bad Choice. Still not wanting to go to work, I joined the Air Force as a Radar Jamming Technician and spent time in Tampa, FL and Plattsburg, NY. After 4 years I got out and went back to college at the State University of Agricultural and Technical University in Farmingdale, NY and got an Associate Degree as an Electronics Technician. Another bad choice. I worked for about a year as a Fuller Brush salesman. Another bad choice.

Finally in desperation, I joined the state government in PA as a clerk. My position just happened to be heavy in computers, so I eventually moved into Computer Programming. After a few years, I went back to school part-time and got an Associate Degree. Over the years I've worked on 5 different mainframe computer systems and learned 10-15 computer languages. The information you see on the Traffic Reports is mainly generated from a program using that experience. After 32 years with the state I retired in June 2004.

My wife and I currently live near Harrisburg, PA and have 3 children, and 6 grandchildren (as of December 2013). We are active in our church. My wife is now also retired and I keep busy around the house with projects and work on about a half dozen other computer projects besides The Humor List.

Admin, Archivist & Traffic Reports

Doug Harter

Admin & Member Projects Coordinato

Sandy (AKA MsSam) Sibert
Founder & Listowner  Emeritus
Bill Edwards

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